15-25 apprentices and trainees ENYAN What skills do creative organisations want from potential employees?

The Government chose ‘developing skills’ as a key pillar in the recent industrial strategy, in which it invited the creative industries to reach a deal that would show how it can support growth by, among other things, growing talent pipelines.

The Creative Industries Federation has been among the first to respond, proposing a creative skills commission and a creative careers campaign that would advise on creative, technical and design skills.

In a fast-changing world and with increased automation of jobs, we should not overlook the role that research like this can play

But the creative sector faces an evidence gap when it comes to skills. There is virtually no granular data on the talents needed by creative workers, be it photography, journalism or software development. Moreover, the skill needs of an industry do not remain static over time, and there is no system in place to monitor new and redundant skills.

The only available data comes from the Employer Skills Survey (ESS), but the survey is conducted once every two years and results typically group together distinct areas like performing arts and museums with sport and hairdressing, making it difficult to get an accurate picture of the skill requirements for creatives.

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