15-25 apprentices and trainees ENYAN UPRising | 15 July | Kent | Young people challenging ideas and igniting change in the arts

UPrising is a one day festival event led by ART31. The focus of the festival will be enabling conversations between them, artists and decision makers on what needs to change to enable young people to be more empowered and engaged in the arts. In particular, how greater engagement with the arts can help address their concerns, which include education, mental health and well-being, and employment.

Sessions will include a mix of panels, Q&As and round-table discussions on topics such as:

  • 2042: Fast Forward – How Do We Create The Future?
  • Rebels With A Cause – Can One Person Make A Difference?
  • Is Imagination More Important Than Knowledge?
  • Are Arts Good For Our Health?
  • How Can You Create A Career In The Arts?
  • What Now?

The day will also showcase cultural activity that ART31 have been involved in funding, creating and leading, as well as workshops, young people’s awards and performances.

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