15-25 ENYAN ‘Results’ for Life report reveals soft skills considered as important as good grades

The Prince’s Trust Results for Life report, supported by HSBC, reveals that soft skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence are considered by young people, teachers and employees to be as important to achieving success in life as good grades.

Key findings

  • 43% of young people don’t feel prepared to enter the work force, with many worried that they lack confidence and soft skills
  • 72% of employees don’t think they had all the soft skills they needed to do well when they first entered the workplace
  • 91% of teachers think schools should be doing more to help students develop soft skills

Download the full report here

The national survey shows that while young people, teachers and people in the workforce agree on the importance of soft skills, there are concerns across the board about whether young people get enough support to develop them.

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