South East Bridge Partnership Investment: People United – Lunsford Celebration Event


Image: Hope Fitzgerald

“The event was a real success! We had about 200 people – pupils and their families, care home residents and their carers and family members, school governors, the local mayor, one of our trustees, Daniel Bye from one of our other commissions, staff from Christchurch including Peter Gregory – so a lovely turn out especially on such a cold foggy evening. The outside projection and soundscape was so atmospheric, and the sharing / performance / tea party inside the school hall which we’d decorated was wonderful including singing and poetry reading and then a special screening of a film that Bob had made – the children absolutely loved it.

We opened up the classrooms so that all the parents and visitors could go and see an exhibition of the children’s treasure boxes before, during and after the event which worked really well and was a real celebration of what they had been achieving. Beautiful photographs of the children and care residents holding hands were given as mementos.

We have been able to see so much progress in terms of the children’s confidence and openness to different art forms, and Matt the headteacher started with a great speech about how important the arts were in the children’s lives and in terms of future careers.  We also expect the connection with the care homes to continue, which is great.”

(Tina Corri, People United)