ENYAN Inspired by creativity: working as a producer in the dance industry

After co-founding a successful dance company, Francesca Moseley reflects on her career as a producer, the support she has received and what it’s like to work freelance.

I’ve been working in the dance industry for nearly 11 years now. After completing my degree in Dance and Culture at the University of Surrey, I applied for a lot of entry-level jobs, and was successful with my second interview at The Place. I spent five years working in its theatre and artist development department, soaking up the opportunity to work with so many different artists and learning how to nurture their ideas from the initial stages of development right through to pulling the creation together on stage.

“It’s exactly that business mentality that I want to learn from in order to propel the company and myself as a producer forwards.”

It was obvious to me from a fairly early stage that I didn’t want to be an office-based dance manager or a producer that crunches the numbers. I work in the arts because creativity inspires me. The term ‘creative producer’ can be overused these days, but to me the defining factor is that I am involved from the very seed of an idea, storyboarding and discussing what a production could be, through to casting the dancers, bringing in new collaborators and being in the studio on a regular basis, feeding back on the shape of the work.

I am not a choreographer, but as the producer I am often the person in the middle of the company or production, linking everything together: the venues, funders, artists, promoters and supporters.

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