15-25 ENYAN Government vows to consult with young groups over Brexit

The government has pledged to engage with youth groups and said that their voice will be heard in its negotiations on the UK leaving the European Union.

The announcement follows a parliamentary question tabled by former children’s minister Tim Loughton, who asked which policy areas relevant to vulnerable children and young people are under consideration in the negotiations on the UK leaving the EU.

Steven Baker, minister for exiting the EU, said the government is considering the effect that exiting the EU will have on vulnerable children and young people across a wide range of issues.

“It is vital that these interests are heard as we enter the negotiations,” he said.

“Officials from the Department for Exiting the European Union have already engaged with child and youth advocacy groups and will continue to do so in the coming weeks and months as part of our strategy to ensure that a wide range of stakeholder perspectives are factored into our approach to exit.”

He added that the Repeal Bill will ensure that existing rights and freedoms will be brought into UK law including the rights of vulnerable children and young people.

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