ENYAN South East Bridge BLOG | Artswork goes to Chile – Visit to the Andes: Photo reflections

Photo reflections of a great excursion to Embalse  y Peso (2500m/8000 feet)
Saturday 26th August

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 Andean condor ande1  Buzzard

Birds seen in Chile:
• Pygmy Owl
• Long-tailed Meadow Lark
• White-winged Diuca Finch
• Austral Thrush
• Southern Lapwing
• Black Vulture
• Black Billed Shrike Tyrant
• Variable Hawk
• Grey-hooded sierra Finch
• Andean Condor
• Black-chested Buzzard Eagle
• Not seen by me but by the Excursion Guide, Gonzales, include Chilean Mocking Bird and Chimango Caracara



At the end of August, Artswork’s Chief Executive, Jane Bryant, went to Chile to visit a number of organisations and speak at Balmaceda Arte Joven’s Artvistas symposium. Whilst on her travels, Jane produced daily blogs for us. Keep up with Jane on Twitter @JaneVBryant, and read her Chile blogs at the links below

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