ENYAN ADCS President John Freeman talks improving the education of children in care

“Dave Hill, ADCS Immediate Past President, talks persuasively about changing the narrative for children in care. The lazy stereotype that these children are more likely to experience negative outcomes does a disservice to them and the dedicated people working with, and caring for, them. Dave raised this debate several times during his presidency, in fact, this was one of his personal priorities. I last heard him speak about this issue at the National Association of Virtual School Heads (NAVSH) national conference, this was his final public engagement as President.

Changing the narrative, of course, means different things when thinking about individual children to what it means across the whole population. The underlying point is that children and young people in care are entitled to the same love, care and support as our own children – a sentiment with which I have always profoundly agreed. However, this is, in Dave’s words, necessary but not sufficient. To help the children in our care thrive, we need also to have the information necessary and readily available to ensure that carers and schools can have the highest expectations and aspirations for every child in care, and the tools to enable these aspirations to be met.”

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