15-25 ENYAN South East Bridge A Level results show 2% drop in arts subjects

The continuing decline of the arts in England’s schools was evidenced by last week’s A level and AS level results.

Figures released by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) show a 2% drop in the number of students completing A levels in creative, artistic and technical subjects in 2016/17 compared with the previous year.

Following Government reform of AS levels – the qualification immediately succeeding the GCSE – the number of students sitting arts and creative AS levels has fallen even more dramatically, with entries into four subjects, including drama and music, falling by over 50%.

Falling entries

Art and design subjects were the only creative subjects to see an increase in the number of students taking them at A level (up 1.3%), while the most severely affected were music (down 9.4%), performing and expressive arts (down 13.5%) and media/film/TV studies (dow 4.2%).

The changes to the number of students sitting A levels in arts and creative subjects in England are as follows:

  • Art and design subjects: up +1.3% to 40,470
  • Design and technology: down -0.05% to 10,657
  • Drama: down -4.1% to 10,751
  • Media / film / TV studies: down -4.2% to 24,450
  • Music: down -9.4% to 5,610
  • Performing and expressive arts: down -13.5% to 1,744

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