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Artswork’s Environmental Policy

Statement of Intent Climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse affect us all. This is a crisis affecting 8 billion people and it will take all 8 billion of us to solve it. Children and young people are disproportionately affected. They have made little direct contribution to the problems caused by burning fossil fuels and intensive resource use, yet they will experience the harshest... Read More »

Artswork’s Policies

At Artswork we strive to make the arts and creativity available to absolutely everyone. We aim to break through barriers and develop new ways for people to discover the success, empowerment and sheer joy that the arts and creativity can bring to classrooms, communities and careers. All of our work is underpinned by a clear set of organisational policies and procedures. Copies of key Artswork... Read More »

Work-based Learning

We deliver creative skills programmes and apprenticeships to provide young people with the opportunity to gain skills, confidence and practical experience in their local arts, culture and heritage organisations. Through these programmes, we aim to increase access and broaden the horizons of young people whilst diversifying our creative and cultural workforce. We offer young people the chance... Read More »

Our vision, mission and values

Imagine if... all our children were happy and confident, strong in their sense of self and the world that they live in. Imagine if... every child – irrespective of race, background, wealth, identity or ability - felt valued, heard and represented. Imagine if... we gave them all the opportunity to explore and fulfil their potential in a future that we are all making together. Imagine... Read More »

A Strong Voices Project: Duffle Coats on Parade

A project Strong Voices facilitated with Priory School, the National Museum of the Royal Navy, British fashion icons and duffle coat designers Gloverall, and textile artist Ami Lowman. Plain duffle coats were customised with bespoke designs by pupils, with the project culminating in a fashion shoot on board the historic setting of HMS Victory in... Read More »

Strong Voices: Impact on Independent Arts Practitioners in Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant

Running from April 2013- March 2015, our Strong Voices programme connected Portsmouth's young people, families and schools with the city's world-class arts, cultural and heritage facilities, including theatre, film and animation, craft and museums. For those involved in the delivery of the projects themselves, the goal was to improve the skills, knowledge, understand and networking of adult... Read More »

Strong Voices: Digital Wildlife Photography Workshops

Young people from Portsmouth took part in a project that enabled them to learn new digital photography and photo editing skills and engage in fun and creative activities over the summer holidays. As part of the project, the young people also engaged with the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at Gosport Discovery Centre. Gosport Discovery Centre were able to work on their audience... Read More »

Archive: Strong Voices – Respect in Colour project

The Respect in Colour project was established to engage hard to reach young people with arts activities and provide them with transition opportunities into the arts, giving them the access they would not normally have. Pompey in the Community's Respect Programme wanted the project to feed into their existing programme of Artsmark activity, and this aspect was combined with the Explore and Bronze... Read More »

A Strong Voices Project: Making Space & Step by Step

Making Space worked on a project with Step by Step, an organisation that exists to empower homeless people and those facing adversity to achieve their full potential. The participants were supported in making choices, building confidence and in the creation and completion of works of... Read More »

A Strong Voices Project: Park Community School

Making Space invited sculptor Chris Jenkins to work with Year 9 GCSE Art & Design pupils from Park Community School on a project constructing 3D art works. The aim was to engage pupils in handling and experiencing new materials and to use their imaginations to reuse found materials for their own creations. The project was broken down into three mini projects - masks, models and... Read More »

South East Schools Arts Paper #4

The fourth edition of the South East Schools Arts Paper, created for distribution through schools and other education settings. This issue focuses on how schools can harness arts, culture and creativity in the curriculum to meet the new Ofsted Framework (September 2019). We showcase the voices of Head teachers and school leaders across the South East working hard to enable their pupils to learn... Read More »

RSA: Learning about Culture Programme Prospectus

Learning About Culture is a two-and-a-half year investigation into the role that cultural learning plays in improving educational outcomes for children. Its intention is to develop more evidence of what works and support schools and cultural organisations to use that evidence, as well as evidence from their own work and elsewhere, to continuously improve their practice. At the centre of... Read More »

Arts Council England: Self-Evaluation Toolkit

Arts Council England have produced a free toolkit for self-evaluation - a vital first step towards improving your work. "We want the tool to provide meaningful learning for organisations and individuals, and help make your work more adaptive and sustainable. It can help make sure your strategies and operations improve over time, and are as strong and fit for purpose as they can be." (Arts... Read More »

Past Programmes: Strong Voices

Coming to an end in March 2015, Strong Voices was part of a two-year national programme, delivered by five Bridge organisations, that aimed to address the social, cultural and economic barriers that prevent young people from going to a museum or arts centre. Artswork worked in partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy (including HMS Victory) and other museums and arts organisations... Read More »

East Kent’s young people have their voices heard at Uprising 2017

On 15th July, the Gulbenkian in Canterbury hosted Uprising 2017. Curated and led by the ART31 group of young people aged 13-25, the event was designed to help challenge ideas and ignite change in the arts. The day opened with a dance performance; choreographed by Andrew Rebelo of Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company, it addressed social division and inequality and suitably set the tone for the... Read More »

Arts Rich Schools and how to become one

After such a challenging year, we wanted to look forward together with a positive, inspiring and practical event for teachers across the South East. Jane Dickson, Education Development Manager for Brighton & Hove, East and West Sussex and Surrey, explains more: Our final online CPDL of 2020/21 explored how raising the profile of arts and creativity can energise teaching and learning for the... Read More »

Our very own Elspeth (Conference & Communications Coordinator) explains what led her to Manila and why:

I am sat on the floor of the first cathedral to ever be built in the Philippines. A place filled with art and history and at this moment, the sounds of Taki, A-e and Fread’s voices. They are not singing a particular song but are just singing and humming out notes in a room where the sound echoes around us. My eyes are shut and I’m listening to their incredible voices, giving me... Read More »

Better Lives Through Culture Announcement: £130K awarded to Southampton Cultural Education Partnership

  Southampton Cultural Education Partnership has been awarded its first large-scale investment of over £130K by Artswork to support an ambitious two-year programme set to directly benefit hundreds of children and young people across the City. The Southampton Cultural Education Partnership (SCEP) are a cross sector group of organisations working together to nurture... Read More »

Artswork Conference 2016 – Better Together: Education | Wellbeing | Arts & Culture

“The arts are about narrative, and narrative has always been the greater teacher of humankind. We need to be able to explain, and to be able to see patterns – and so much of education is about that. You have to be able to tell stories, and that’s what the arts do.” (Althea Efunshile, Arts Council England) On 29th June, Artswork held its annual conference. This year, the focus was on the... Read More »

Artswork Conference 2016: Keynote Speeches – Althea Efunshile

Transcript of keynote from Althea Efunshile, Deputy Chief Executive, Arts Council England as part of the Artswork 2016 Conference, Better Together. 'It’s obvious isn’t it, that there’s a connection between education, arts and culture and wellbeing, and that our policy and practice should reflect that, yes? But you know, I have a terrible feeling that inside this room, we may well be... Read More »

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